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A Lesson In Anal Anatomy

Duration: 00:48
Added: 2 years ago
Channel: 18 Eighteen
Description: Tiffanys tutoring session with her pervy instructor is going nowhere fast, and it doesnt help matters when she picks up a book called The Handjob Handbook. Tiffany is supposed to be studying for her biology midterm, but instead she gets a lesson in human anatomy when she puts this guys fat cock in her mouth. If Tiffany studied as diligently as she sucks cock, shed be a valedictorian. But for now she gets the award for best little cock sucker and hottest anal fuck. Yep, Tiffany takes it up the butt. You can tell its a tight fit as the guy eases his way in and Tiffany oohs and aahs. The noises she makes when the cock is in her ass are different from her regular sex noises. But her reaction is always the same when she gets a big load on her face: eyes shut, hands on balls, mouth open wide.

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