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Inspired By Her Ex

Duration: 00:36
Added: 2 years ago
Channel: Naughty Mag
Description: We know you guys like redheads here at NM. This 28-year-old store clerk from St. Louis, Missouri is 59 and weighs 125 pounds. Her name is Natalie. She wears 34B bras and prefers boyshorts or thongs. She tried anal sex once, but it hurt so much that shes not ready to try it again. The last guy I dated was big into NN, and we talked about me posing for him and sending in the photos, Natalie said. But we never got around to it. When we decided to split up, he left a few issues of the mag in my apartment and I still look at them. See, Ive had a few lezzie encounters, and I enjoy getting myself off while looking at naked girls. Anyway, I decided to break daring...get naughty...and fuck a genuine stud.Once Ive had my clit licked and Ive cum, Im hot to trot, said Natalie. I like for sex to take a while; Im definitely not into quickies. I like trying out different positions because, to me, a cock feels so different inside me in every position. I can sometimes cum twice while Im fucking, and my favorite way to cum is while Im getting pounded doggie-style. I had a great orgasm while Sergio was doing me that way. My other favorite way to have an orgasm is sitting on a guys dick while facing his feet. I can set the pace like that and the angles just seem to work out great for me to get off. I came like that with Sergio as well. I was exhausted after three orgasms. Im so glad that I listened to my pussy and fucked Sergio for the cameras, Natalie said. Im not embarrassed about having done it but, having said that, I wont be showing the magazine to everyone I know, just a select few. If they choose to tell others what they see, I can live with that. I kinda feel more sexually mature and sexually confident now, and I wont be worried about how I look naked or how I perform in bed the next time Im with a new lover. The next thing on my sexual to do list is a threesome with two guys.

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