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Cindy Cupps Double Feature

Duration: 00:52
Added: 8 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: Before she retired from modeling and dancing, Cindy Cupps used to be a lap dancer at Cheetahs III, a Pompano Beach, Florida club. Ive met a few lap-danceaholics, Cindy remembered. There are guys who go every day. Theyre there every single day, for hours at a time for months. Then theyll disappear for a month and then come back. Its a fantasy land. They have beautiful girls paying attention to them, they can pick whoever they want and that girl is going to give them their undivided attention. Guys love that attention.Cindy never had any interest in getting tats and her only body art was jewelry in her navel. I dont like tattoos. I think theyre silly. Some people go overboard with them. I was never that kind of person. Maybe a small one on the ankle might be all right. I see girls that have them all down their backs. Whats going to happen twenty years down the road when their skin is not as firm as it is now? Theyre going to look horrible. And my only piercing is my navel.When it comes to girls with huge breasts and huge areolae, Cindy Cupps must rate among the elite. In this double feature, Cindy shows why.

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