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Shell Out-Horn You

Duration: 00:47
Added: 2 years ago
Channel: Naughty Mag
Description: Age: 19Born: June 22Ht: 54Wt: 110 poundsBras: 32APanties: Not usuallyAnal: Im new to itBJs: Only bitches spitMasturbate: Of courseZelda told us that she wanted to travel to Thailand more than anything. We asked her what attracted her to Thailand. Is it the architecture? The culture? The food? I want to go so I can fuck the lady boys, she told us. Think about it. Its a chick with a fat cock. Its the best of both worlds! Guys, thats Zelda for you. Shes kinky.Zelda is one of the horniest young ladies weve ever had the privilege of meeting. Because shes so horny, no matter who you are, you probably have a shot at getting in her pants. We asked her if she likes older men. I do, she responded. I like all men. I like all women, too. I date a lot, and I dont have a type. My preferred dates are going to dinner. If it doesnt work out, at least I get dinner out of the deal. Honestly, though, my dates usually end with sex.

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