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Vanessa Y., bikini buster

Duration: 00:50
Added: 2 years ago
Channel: 18 Eighteen
Description: Wed seen naturally stacked Polish beauty Vanessa Y. in a lot of different outfits (out of those outfits, too), but wed never seen her in a bikini until we flew her to the Dominican Republic for an on-location shoot. The bikinis we brought along for her didnt come close to fitting. Shed gotten bustier. I stopped smoking, I started drinking beer and my boobs got bigger, Vanessa said. Id heard that before. British natural Alexis Silver also got bustier when she stopped smoking. Yet another reason people, especially busty women, shouldnt smoke. Vanessa was recently named 2015 Voluptuous Model of the Year. No surprise there. Shes one of the best naturals Ive ever seen. She also has a hairy pussy, which many guys like. But I think what makes Vanessa special is that she knows how to model. She knows how to connect with the camera and, therefore, with the viewer. Its a special gift. Not all girls have it. Vanessa has it to go along with her other special gifts.

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