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Maid for hot sex

Duration: 00:54
Added: 7 years ago
Channel: 18 Eighteen
Description: The other day, I got a color drawing from a talented fan named Granamir. The busty girl in his drawing was dressed in a fantasy French maids costume and had two feather dusters attached to her bra, one for each cup. Which brings us to Felicia Clover and this XXX maids scene. Im a sexually assertive girl, said Felicia, a 53 redhaired Voluptuous honey who made a big splash with readers from the start. I thought she was a perfect girl-next-door with her creamy skin, 34F tits and apple-pie looks. I love sex. I love a hard pounding and oral, and I love foreplay. I like my nipples bitten when I am being pounded really, really hard. I like missionary because the leverage is better for guys, I think. You know, in missionary with my legs in the air and that way a guy can just pound me nice and hard. I love that. I always cum in that position. How was this first XXX SCORELAND scene for Felicia? She had a top-notch stud fucking her. Overall, it was pretty fantastic. My favorite part was getting a guy who was so girthy, I could barely fit him in my mouth. That was pretty fucking awesome. Felicia is known as much for her booty as for the rest of her body. We liked photographing her ass and shot her for BootyLicious magazine, too. My absolute favorite panties are thongs. I love that they are so tiny and sexy and just disappear in my ass when I am wearing them. My ass cleavage is always hanging out, in general. I am a freak when it comes to sex! Felicia said several times in interviews. She fucked a guy in his car...while he was driving. I had the guy lay down in the drivers seat and he put his foot on the gas. Then I sat on his dick and did all the steering while we had sex. Shes maid for the nasty.

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