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The wife and the happily cuckolded husband

Duration: 00:39
Added: 5 years ago
Channel: 18 Eighteen
Description: Here, we have Allura James, a 54-year-old accountant from California. There, we have Sergio, her fuck buddy for the day. And there we have Rick, Alluras real-life husband. He shows up while Allura is groping Sergios cock, and at first, it sounds like he doesnt like what hes seeing. What are you doing? hubby bellows. Oh, I forgot to tell you, thats all, Allura answers. Tell him? Tell him what? That she planned to suck and fuck a strangers dick right there in the living room of their marital abode? Is that the arrangement Allura has with her husband? Youre at it again? hubby says. You cant keep on doing this! Its alright. I just want him, she says. And thats when the situation takes a turn. Youre sure? hubby says. Hes hard and I want him, Allura says. Fine, hubby says, sitting down. You have him. Then he addresses Sergio. By the way, my name is Rick. Take care of it. Im going to get something to eat and watch. Take care of it? Is that how he refers to his lovely wifes mouth and pussy? Well, yes, it is, because in this relationship, theres the special love Allura has for her husband and the entirely different special love she has for cock. Some men would be jealous. Some men wouldnt allow it to happen. But, you see, Rick enjoys watching his wife fuck other men. Allura enjoys fucking other men. And sometimes in a relationship, compromises must be made...especially when theyre not really compromises.

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