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Fresh Hot Boobs

Duration: 00:40
Added: 2 years ago
Channel: 18 Eighteen
Description: Brianna Falcone does one of XL Girls favorite things in this reformatted video. She sucks her own nipples. Yes, every breast-man loves that and many big-boobed girls cant do it. You can tell Brianna likes to tan wearing a bikini. I know why youre here, Brianna says. You like big tits and full-figured girls. Well, Ive showed you my tits. And Ive showed you my body. Sliding off her panties, she says, Now Ill show you more. Laying back on the bed, she shows a full bush all the way to her butthole, and spreads her pussy with her fingers. Now that weve gotten first looks at Briannas 44DDDs and hairy cunt, praise is due for her sexy, babydoll voice. If Brianna doesnt do phone sex at home, she should. A guy could shoot a couple of nut-squibs just listening to her say I like big cocks up there. Fuzzy bush lovers went crazy about this gal. She reminded the old-timers here of a chick named Buxom Brandi from Florida. Brianna does another of our favorite things. She puts on a hot solo show asking for cock before the dick enters the set to fuck her. She knows how to suck! And she knows how to tit-fuck. We love a girl who vocally urges her partners to fuck her tits. She also does something that many girls dont think of. With his cock between her tits and in her mouth, Brianna rubs his balls with the tops of her breasts. Another technique that shows how horny she gets is her rubbing her clitty while he drills her pussy. They do missionary, reverse cowgirl and a stand and deliver fuck from behind. She also hand-strokes him off until he pours the seed onto her tits, which is always best instead of the dude jacking off. I love a mans package. Thats the first thing I look at when I look at a guy. Just a fetish of mine. Brianna is a sexual brickhouse.

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