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66-year-old Madison and the 27-year-old

Duration: 00:44
Added: 1 year ago
Channel: 60 Plus MILFs
Description: When we asked 66-year-old Madison Milstar if she gets off while watching porn, she said, Ill always watch it and masturbate. It goes hand-in-hand. Usually Im in my office at home, sitting in a nice office chair, on my PC with my pocket rocket handy and my nipple clamps on. They just pinch those nipples perfectly, and I dont have to do it. Im busy with my little toys and having fun. And now that shes a 60Plus MILF, Madison can do something most women cant do: She can watch herself fuck. And she can do what she recently did: fuck her husband while they watched her fuck. Such are the fringe benefits of becoming a 60Plus MILF. Its the experience that keeps on experiencing...or something like that. Here, Madison, whos also a mother and grandmother, experiences Patricks 27-year-old cock. Do the math: Thats an age difference of 39 years. Madison is old enough to be Patricks grandmother. Hes been peeping on her. He walks in on her while shes getting dressed. Check out Madisons tan-lined tits! How is it possible for a 66-year-old woman to have such nice tits? Hey, dont ask. Just enjoy. Madison worked in the aerospace industry for 33 years. Now shes making cum fly. Madison lives in Hawaii, where she can work on those tan lines and pick up young studs. She keeps her pussy tight by doing kegels several times a day. Here, she just happens to be doing kegels on Patricks cock. Patrick, by the way, thinks hes only going to get to watch. He thinks hes in big trouble when Madison catches him. Well, hes going to be in something, but its not trouble. Unless his girlfriend catches him. But, hey, Madisons pussy is worth it.

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