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Korina Kova: Canadian Heatwave

Duration: 01:19
Added: 1 year ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: A few years back, when I was a nine-to-fiver, I used to work at this golf course, said Korina Kova of Canada. My job was to look good and ride around in the sun on a golf cart, pouring drinks. That was the most-fun job Ive ever had...until now. We spotted Korina on Twitter and sent her a link to When we asked Korina if she works out, she answered, Tomorrow. Thats my motto. I have a guilty habit of setting a goal for myself and I do not complete it. Well, Korinas got a fantastic body so whatever shes doing, shes doing it right. Becoming a model was a great decision, not only for her but for guys who love statuesque, big-boobed beauties.

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