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Shannons Breast Quest

Duration: 00:36
Added: 4 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: I love the fake look, 59 Brit brickhouse Shannon Blue said. My boobs now weigh a total of seven pounds. The UK tabloid newspapers love Shannon, whos gone from a divorced mum who wanted huge tits to a very busy model on social media sites, does the phone-in TV shows, appeared on the Channel 5 documentary Oh My God, My Midlife Plastic Crisis and a documentary for Bulgarian television. Shannons gone from zero-to-sixty! And she wants to go bigger. Shannon and her fiance live in Bulgaria. My home in Bulgaria is in the middle of the countryside. Its very relaxed and peaceful. My favorite brand of bra is Ann Summers because theyre sexier than other brands. A lot of the bigger bras dont have that sexy look and feel. I like the low-cut balconette bras. I usually have to adjust the straps of the bras to see how the cups will fit over my breasts. Then I give it the bounce test. I used to work as a kennel maid because I love dogs. Now Shannon caters to boob-hounds.

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