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Private time with Crystal and a BBC

Duration: 00:39
Added: 6 years ago
Channel: 60 Plus MILFs
Description: Im a very private woman, said 70-year-old divorcee Crystal King from New Jersey. Here, Crystal invites us into her private bedroom, where she summons 28-year-old Jax. She doesnt waste any time before shes pulling his big, black cock out of his pants and sucking it, keeping her glasses on and making those humming and moaning noises we all love so much. She tenderly strokes his balls, too. Why tenderly? Because Crystal is a very nice woman. Crystal used to be a dominatrix. Shes from New Jersey and was sent our way by 60Plus MILF Kokie del Coco. Theyre friends. They even had a threesome together with another guy. Crystal is like Sandra Ann, our oldest GILF ever, in that youd never imagine by looking at them that they do these things on-camera. They look so...grandmotherly. But then they do do these things on-camera, and thats great. More about Crystal: She volunteers for the Salvation Army. She enjoys fine dining. Take her to a nice restaurant in New York City. She goes for kind men with nice smiles. She has done legal work for most of her life. She describes herself as sexually assertive. And until she came here, shed never had sex with a really young guy. Which just goes to prove that even when a woman hits age 70, she still has a lot of living to do.

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