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Ultimate Alexis May: Alexis May Show & Tell

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Not just an interview but a tits and ass and pussy show, the kind SCORE editors love best. The way we always look at it, its just as easy to interview a model naked and showing off her pussy and nipples as it is to interview her fully dressed. Naturally, most of the conversation is about tits and sex, since Alexis May is a porn star, and if you cant talk down and dirty to a porn star about sex, who can you talk to about it? And how are most guys in bed with Alexis anyway? Not porn studs, just guys? I think some guys know what theyre doing, some guys dont know what theyre doing and are willing to learn, and some guys think they know what theyre doing but dont, Alexis said. Theyre the worst. I mean, I dont know everything about how to please a man, and Im still learning. Guys sometimes get intimidated by me when they find out Im a porn star, but just because Im a porn star doesnt mean I know everything there is to know about sex. Im very young, and guys sometimes forget that because I have big boobs and I do porn. A porn star who admits shes still learning about sex. Dont you respect that?

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