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Crystal Gunns First SCORE Video

Duration: 01:15
Added: 13 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Tags: big tits, solo
Description: This is Crystals very first SCORE video. In the beginning, Crystal was more comfortable with still picture posing than video modeling but in time she grew to become truly relaxed, comfortable and ultra-sexy in front of the video cam. I had just started modeling and dancing in 2001, Crystal said. What happened was, I had liked the way SCORE treated me. I liked the studio. The pay was good, of course. And I had a bad experience with another photographer, and I didnt want to go through it again. I was comfortable at SCORE. There was nobody else I could trust, so I just stayed with SCORE, to be honest. Im not putting down any other photographers. I just wanted to be comfortable. Later on, Crystal got her own column in SCORE called The Gunns Show from October 2006 to October 2008 and she did a great job. I think once I got my column in SCORE and I started writing, I became more popular. A lot of people read that column. They want to find out whats going on the road, and they get pictures that are not glammed up like they usually get in SCORE magazine or another mens magazine. Its more real to them, and once I started doing that, people started paying attention to me again. Its like I was a bigger part of SCORE. Oddly enough, Crystal telephoned the SCORE office as this video was being uploaded. She always did have psychic talents.

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