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Knowing Where To Deposit The Rent

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: 50 Plus MILFs
Description: The way things work in real life, if we are late on our rent, some 300-pound, muscle-bound mean, sweaty guy comes to our door and threatens to throw us out on our ass. But thats why we love porn: Because things happen the way we want them to happen.In this video, divorcee Lacey Westin is a landlord. An angry landlord. Her tenant is three-months late on his rent, and she breaks into his apartment, raging mad. But the guy doesnt have any money.Fortunately for him, Lacey is horny and accepts cock deposits in her mouth and pussy. In all honesty, if all landlords were like Lacey, rent would never get paid.

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