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Juggy Dolls: Crystal Gunns

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Tags: big tits, solo
Description: I think once I got my column in SCORE and I started writing, I became more popular, Crystal Gunns said. Her impressive column in SCORE magazine began in October 06 and ended in the October 08 issue. The record for a SCORE column belongs to Alyssa Alps who started in the October 98 issue and ended it in June 03. A lot of people read that column. Once I started doing that, people started paying attention to me again. Its like I was a bigger part of SCORE. In this video, Crystal plays with bras...lot of bras. A lot of people told me, Dont overshoot yourself and dont shoot with a lot of people. I guess I listened to what they said because I only shoot with SCORE now. You can still see my pictures in other magazines, but those pictures are from 2002. Theyre old. The only new pictures of me are in SCORE. Big-boobed dancers are getting tougher to find: A lot of clubs are not having features anymore because its so much work for them and some of the features who go in, theyre so expensive and theyre not producing income or making their money back for the club. And there are less and less big-boob features. I think its still a little okay, but a lot of club owners think the big-boob features are overweight and that they look ridiculous, but there are some big-boob features that dance a lot. But it is dying down. Its not how it used to be in the 1990s. That was a big-boob frenzy and everybody wanted them. Trends run in cycles so were sure the cycle will rotate once again to huge breasts. Its only a matter of time.

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