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On Location Key Largo Part 2

Duration: 01:15
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: A certified SCORE classic DVD, On Location Key Largo continues with Lorna Morgan strolling along the beach. After examining the scenic wonders of the Keys, the Welsh wonder-woman finds a cozy spot on the sand to examine her own scenic wonders. The camera is inches away from her gorgeous body as Lorna explores. Meanwhile, back at the girls beach hideaway, Chloe Vevrier is luxuriating in her bath. The climate, the surroundings and her own natural heat make Chloe horny. She wants to make that cum-face before she can even get to her bedroom so she bakes her pie in the bathroom. Some notes about Lorna Morgan: Lorna was a modeling agent before she began modeling herself. On Location Key Largo was Lornas third trip to America. Her first time visiting the United States was on holiday with her family when she was 20. Lornas second visit to the States was for the final Boob Cruise in April, 2000. Lorna and Kerry Marie got in early before the other girls and paid a visit to the SCORE building where they got the celebrity tour before heading to the Florida Keys.

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