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On Location Key Largo Part 4

Duration: 01:15
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: Chaz enjoys some me time at the pool and goes for total oil immersion in one of the all-time oiliest big-bust scenes ever recorded. A hot sun, a nearby beach, a pool, whats a girl to do besides getting naked and greasing up? Chazs big, floppy tits, bush pie and super-voluptuous body was never better explored. Notes about On Location Key Largo: On Location Key Largo was to be no more than six models. Ultimately, it came down to four. Chloe, Lorna and Kerry were at the top of the list. Another Brit, Fiona Steels, was invited and we were excited at the thought of her joining. Unfortunately, Fiona could not attend. We also loved Chaz, who had not shot all that much, but had great moves, a pretty face and huge boobs. Like Kerry, Chaz had only modeled in Great Britain (girls like Chaz are the reason for Britain being so great). A very quiet girl, Chaz worked in an office and modeled part-time. Chaz did have the time to join the party. When she landed in Florida, the first thing she did was call her mother in London to tell her that she arrived safely in Miami. While not a part of the movie, Desirae visited at the end of the week for several photo shoots and videos. After On Location Key Largo wrapped, Lorna and Kerry Marie, already back in Miami, met Chaz at SCORE and they took a taxi to Miami International Airport to catch their flight home. Imagine sitting next to them on that flight.

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