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On Location Big Boob Paradise: Angela White Interview

Duration: 01:15
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: SCOREs editor sat down with Angela White during On Location Big Boob Paradise week and if youre familiar with Angela, you know that the energetic Aussie doesnt sit down that much!Lorna Morgan is one of my longtime favorites and I got to finally meet her and I was so excited about it. I told her how I loved various photo shoots shes done and how I have followed her career. Shes just fabulous. So, Im not just a model, Im also a huge fan. Christy Marks boobs are just out of this world! I think they are the biggest Ive ever seen, especially on a girl who is as slender as Christy. That makes her even more phenomenal.Were all together in this gorgeous beachfront house and I even got to share a bed with Lorna! It would have been a dream come true anyway, but thats just over the top! Shes such a good snuggler! Since I am such a fan of the big-breasted girls, I was as excited as a kid at Christmas to be invited. Shooting anywhere is always good, but to get out to an exotic location with beautiful scenery, white sand and blue water is the best. Add to that five women with 10 big tits and it truly is a paradise.

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