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XL Origins

Duration: 01:15
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Description: Joy 36FF Juggs lived in Florida when she answered the call of the fuck and connected with The SCORE Group. She was one of the early XL Girls appearing in issue #73. Instead of starting with a solo, the magazine published her XXX layout first, followed by a solo in #77. This is the reverse of traditionally starting with a solo and working up to hotter and harder pictures.Joy sucked and fucked big wiener in this scene with stud Nico. Her tan-lined tits were perfect for fucking and she liked to eat cum.Because we dont treat models like pieces of meat as other plus-size companies often do, a TSG editor talked to Joy between shoots so readers could get to know her.I was born British but I moved to America when I was two years old because my step-dad was in the American Air Force and we moved back to the States with him. My father stayed in the Air Force so we lived in Ohio for a couple of years. Then we moved to Texas, and then to Oklahoma, Maryland, Florida, then back to Texas. I think for most of the time, either Florida or Texas.I was a D-cup when I was twelve. I dont remember ever not having big boobs. I dont really remember exactly when my boobs began growing. I was either eight or nine. I was a triple-D when I was a freshman. The guys all treated me very well. Anything I wanted, they would get for me. If I needed my pencils sharpened, they would sharpen them for me. If I forgot to do my homework, they would do it for me. I think I caused a lot of problems with guys and girls. Not on purpose, mind you. The girls didnt like me. All of their boyfriends looked at my boobs, and they all wanted to talk to me and the other girls didnt like that too much. They all thought I was trashy and slutty and slept around a lot just because I had big boobs. At that time, I was actually still a virgin. My marine biology teacher would casually flirt with me but he never physically came on to me. I lost my virginity under the bleachers during a pep rally at school with a thousand people above us. In my senior year I probably deserved the reputation that I had as a freshman.Joy returned for more XXX scenes. We dont know what Joy is up to these days but she made her mark at XL Girls.

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