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The bikini GILF and the 34-year-old

Duration: 01:15
Added: 8 years ago
Channel: 60 Plus MILFs
Description: I always focus totally on my man, what makes him feel good, proud and sexy said 66-year-old golden girl Jewel, whos back for her 10th fuck at I make sure hes aware of the same to make me feel the same way.Jewel is looking and feeling good in this scene. As for how she looks, well, we cant think of many 66-year-olds who look as good as she does in a bikini. Shes sunbathing by the pool. Tony, whos 32 years younger than her, shows up looking for Jewels son. The son isnt there. Tony admires Jewels GILF body. Its hot. Its ready for some cream...suntan cream and man cream. Jewel sucks and fucks him. Tony decorates Jewels face with man sauce.Jewel is from North Carolina. Shes married. She has children and grandchildren. Shes undoubtedly one of the all-time greats. Shes personable. She doesnt put on airs. Shes pleasant, nice, intelligent and sexy. She doesnt think shes great, but she is.I have changed since I got introduced to porn in 2001, Jewel said. Shooting with The SCORE Group has been the icing on the cake.Nearly 10 years have passed since Jewel first walked into our studio. Heres to another 10!

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