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Ultimate Summer Sinn: Cindy Cupps Meets Summer

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: In Part 2 of the SCORE Classic DVD Ultimate Summer Sinn, the Bostonian bra-stretcher is on vacation in Miami Beach. After roller-blading in the Florida sun, bikini-clad Summer strolls over to the beach. Her boob radar leads her directly to the famous SCORE covergirl Cindy Cupps. Cindy is soaking up the sun when Summer approaches her. She asks Cindy if she can join her because she is the only big-boobed girl here like me. This proves that huge-boobed women are lonely and always need company. Cindy is the friendly type and is more than happy to have an afternoon companion. I would love the company! says Cindy. Summer offers to anoint Cindy with suntan oil in a very exciting scene. Summer quickly invites Cindy to come back with her to her hotel suite. She has a hot tub on her terrace too. Cindy accepts and the two leave the beach. Summer has picked up a topheavy babe in record time on her first day in Miami Beach! A hard-to-get one! That hot tub is put to good use as the girls play with their supertits and make-out. They head back to the room for a soft bed in one of the steamiest, horniest girl-sexin scenes SCORE ever made with lots of lip-locking, pink, wet, long tongues, hard nipples and one giant, double-tipped dildo.

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