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Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise

Duration: 01:15
Added: 11 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Tags: big tits, solo
Description: In Chapter four of Ben Dover Does the Boob Cruise, the English videographer spends a few moments with Nicole Tyler and SaRenna on the beach as they pose for the passengers. Then he spots Angelique and sneaks off with the Brazilian super-woman to the forest past the dunes. There he can find protective cover for his nefarious plans for her. Video camera in hand, her gigantic tits in the other hand, Ben gets to meet her up-close and personal when she plays with her pussy for him. Hed love to stick his cock between her tits and in her cunt but this is not the right time. Later he waylays the enormously-breasted superstar Minka. She too is lured into his hideaway of vegetation, unseen by curious passengers. A drooling Ben gets to touch Minkas bushy slit and her massive tits but no fucking is in the cards for the horny dogger. But he can say he has touched the tits of greatness. None of the bitches Ben screws in his UK porn videos have come close to this magnitude of stackitude.

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