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Classics: Lilith Private Session Part 2

Duration: 01:15
Added: 13 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Tags: big tits, solo
Description: Lilith Private Session continues with part 2 of Lilith in her first SCORE video. A brand-new model who was a hot-tub and table dancer when she met SCORE model Exotica in 2001 and learned about SCORE, Lilith treated the camera like a boyfriend and it shows. The 23 year-old gets into bed and pulls out a cock-shaped vibrator. Staring with intense eye contact, she rubs the tip of the dildo over her natural 38DD tits. Fuck my nipple, baby, Lilith moans in a girly voice. ...Suck your cock... she whispers, sliding the synthetic dick between her cleavage and into her mouth. And after the dildo is wet enough, she fucks her pussy with it while plugging her butt-hole with another vibrator.

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